Who’s Glanda?

I knew her 1st as a little nodule under my ear by my jaw that was just tender enough to be somewhat bothersome. I noticed her one afternoon after I had gotten my very first filling, and I can’t say she’s left my side since..until now.

7 years later in May 2017, she was finally diagnosed as a pleomorphic adenoma of my left parotid gland (which is how she got the name Glanda) after many scans, biopsies, and doctors reviewing my case. We soon chased a second opinion to make sure, scheduled surgery, and at the sight of a scalpel, Glanda pulled some power ranger junk and morphed into a mighty morphing chunk of cancer. Jerk.

So, now Glanda has taken on her final identity…adenoid cystic carcinoma and she has been laid to rest making her Goneda. From here on out, we’re under heavy surveillance, a few scans and checkups here and there, and a lot of thankfulness alongside faith and trust in Jesus that we’ve made it here and we’re going to be jusssssttt fine. Praise the Lord!