Week Three

week 3 treatment

Lots of new developments in week 3. End of last week brought absolute fatigue and thankfully we were able to rest all weekend so I could catch up a little.

Monday I was up and ready to run 6 marathons and blew through the day like it was nothing. Tuesday it was allergies, a stopped up nose, exhaustion, and a lotttttt of tears. Wednesday I was back up and ready to go, ate 3 awesome meals, and rested a decent amount. Thursday was a lot like Tuesday. And Friday has been more like Monday was. So the roller coaster continues.

Week 3 also unveiled a few ulcers in my mouth, one behind my left tonsil and one under my tongue (which I now realize is why my tongue felt tight so tongue exercises no longer necessary) but those have gone away for the most part and just left some simple, less painful irritation. My skin is also starting to get slightly pink which is about right for this time in the process.

The least exciting part of this week was when my little hairs starting jumping to their death off of my head. Turns out chemo isn’t the only treatment that makes your hair come out, but thankfully mine is only around the field in which they are treating and it will hopefully grow back. If not, my mother jokingly assured me I would look great in her wig, Harriet, as seen below when I was harassing her this time two years ago.


The MOST important part of making it through today is that I am officially


Praise the Lord! I can honestly say that I never, ever anticipated the emotional stress that would come with this. I would have never guessed that I would cry so many tears of frustration, or that I would be tired to the point of just having to surrender and lie down, or that I would not feel like myself at all. I thought I was way tougher and stronger than I am, but the Lord has some sort of lesson for me in this. I just have no idea what it is right now. It could be surrender since I’m super stubborn and normally push myself to unrealistic limits, think I’m invincible, and refuse to rest. Or it could be something else, but I have a feeling that I wont know until all of this is over and I look back at my journey and fall to my knees in thanks.

I do know that the Lord has carried me through each and every day. He has given me the sweetest people to check on me, love me, and encourage me, the most epic team of doctors, radiation therapists, and nurses, and the most precious husband on earth that has selflessly cleaned, cooked, ran errands, and kissed my head and told me I’m beautiful every single day…good or bad…among other things. I can’t say enough about him and the true, unconditional love he’s shown me through this. And I surely couldn’t have made it halfway without him.

So, another week down and a monumental one at that. Another 3 weeks to go but from here on out I have less days of treatment left than I have behind me and that’s a HUGE deal. People keep saying it will be over before I know it, and I guess it will.

Please continue to pray for my heart and my mind and whatever else you’re led to pray for. And please know all of them are appreciated more than you know. Knowing you all are praying is what encourages me most.

Love and hugs. Here comes week 4!