How It Healed


For some crazy reason, I thought surgery wouldn’t be a big deal and the first week of recovery would be a little tough and then the next week would be more like a staycation at home while they made sure everything was going to stay where they put it during the procedure. Well, I was wrong.

Two weeks was just long enough to get me showering by myself, walking more than from the bedroom to the backyard and back, and learning to dry my hair without scorching my ear (since its numb) and the fresh wounds I have on my face

Anyway, it was a much longer process than anticipated, but lucky for you I documented it in true Poco-fashion. Pictures of everything…every day!

So here it is…how Goneda healed day by day.

IMG_2132July 6, 2017: Fresh out of the operating room. The JP drain is draining fluid from the area to prevent swelling and infection

July 8, 2017: First day at home and after my first shower. You can see the JP drain is starting to clear out a bit and a slight bit of yellow bruising has shown up on my cheek.
July 9: Lots of polysporin, numbness, and annoyance from the drain
FullSizeRender 4
July 10: Some of the swelling had gone down enough to where you can see where the drain begins next to my ear on my cheek. Bruising turning more green and starting to go away.
July 11: Drain almost all clear fluid and incision becoming more pronounced as stitches start to disintegrate.
FullSizeRender 2
July 12: Drain removal day. And the lovely hole it left in my neck. They told me to just let it dry up…
July 13: My first smiling picture post-op. Starting to somewhat look normal again
July 14: Drain out and hole closing up. First real adventure out of the house since surgery over a week ago. Slight bit of fluid starting to build up in the cavity where Glanda used to be (this is normal)
July 16: More polysporin and more fluid accumulation. I think I was also showering by myself at this point which was a big step.
July 19: 2 week post op visit to Dr. Carroll’s office. They aspirated the fluid and said everything looked awesome! YAY!
July 20: Fluid starting to build back up but stitches starting to fall out.
July 25: Stitches mostly gone except for the one at the very top of my ear. Skin still tender looking and more fluid accumulation.
July 26: Our nurse wrapped me up like a war victim to provide compression and help with the fluid
FullSizeRender 6
July 28: After a few days of compression, the fluid has started absorbing back into my body. Drain hole almost all the way closed up.
July 31: Almost all the way back to flat. Compression is working!
August 1: Finally looking more normal! Stitches continue to dissolve however the anchor stitch has settled in for the long haul.

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