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Infertile Myrtle

Things get a little complicated when you’re a young adult that has been through cancer treatment and are ready to grow your family. The questions and racing thoughts are bountiful, and fear rears its ferocious little head far more often than preferred. It’s been… Continue Reading “Infertile Myrtle”

Behind the Treatment Mask: Bloopers

For every ameteur video project, there’s a whole set of bloopers that should follow. We ended up with over six hours of content to comb through and edit, so honestly it’s a little shocking that this blooper reel isn’t longer. But nonetheless, ridiculousness ensued…without… Continue Reading “Behind the Treatment Mask: Bloopers”

Onward & Upward

What do you do when the nest beneath you begins to give way? The short answer is you fly… …which is fine if you’re a bird. And you have wings. And you know how to fly. Or you have instincts that fire and launch… Continue Reading “Onward & Upward”

Rest For The Weary

Ive had words on my heart for some time now, but much like our prayers sometimes, these words have felt more like groans rather than comprehensible thoughts. The blank page is a scary thing for me these days. It was my solace in the… Continue Reading “Rest For The Weary”

2 years Goneda

On July 6, 2019, I celebrated two years of no Glanda and no cancer. Immediately after my surgery two years ago, I was SO SURE that I was healed and that the whole benign-to-malignant-flip-in-the-operating-room situation was a miracle that none other than Jesus had… Continue Reading “2 years Goneda”

Not What I Used To Be

Getting back to “normal” after diagnosis and treatment is a valued status that everyone faced with diagnosis yearns for. There are days of wishing you could rewind and other days where you feel like a total boss for getting through the emotional and physical… Continue Reading “Not What I Used To Be”

1 year, 1 month, 9 days

Scan time has come and gone again. The time that is somehow capable of sending me into an oblivion of fear and unwanted thoughts that swish and swirl around in my mind until I feel like I’m trapped beneath the surface of the sea,… Continue Reading “1 year, 1 month, 9 days”

9 Month Check-up

Another set of scans and checkups after radiation treatment for my adenoid cystic carcinoma of my parotid gland.

The New Normal

My goodness. Looking back at all the life we’ve truly lived since our trip to Hope Flower Farm is absolutely incredible. That trip was truly life changing for me. It beautifully wrecked every part of me and pieced me back together at the same… Continue Reading “The New Normal”

Along Comes Hope Flower Farm

hope flower farm holly chapple

Back in 2016, I worked for a floral magazine here in Birmingham as the digital media specialist. That October they afforded me a trip up to Waterford, VA to cover the very first ever Flowerstock hosted by Holly Chapple at Hope Flower Farm and… Continue Reading “Along Comes Hope Flower Farm”