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Infertile Myrtle

Things get a little complicated when you’re a young adult that has been through cancer treatment and are ready to grow your family. The questions and racing thoughts are bountiful, and fear rears its ferocious little head far more often than preferred. It’s been… Continue Reading “Infertile Myrtle”

Ned & Ted’s Big Adventure

I’ve always said I wanted twins. And my dreams have finally come true!….just not quite how I envisioned. In June, I found out I have twin vocal chord nodules (which I named because duh) and they’re benign and harmless. For real this time. Glanda… Continue Reading “Ned & Ted’s Big Adventure”

Beneath the Treatment Mask: The Mess Mortality Makes of the Mind

In January of this year, I received an email from Sue Evans M.D., MPH. I didn’t recognize the name so I scrolled down to her email signature. I remember seeing Yale University and immediately exclaiming, “YALLEEE!?”! What? I was for sure she had the… Continue Reading “Beneath the Treatment Mask: The Mess Mortality Makes of the Mind”

Onward & Upward

What do you do when the nest beneath you begins to give way? The short answer is you fly… …which is fine if you’re a bird. And you have wings. And you know how to fly. Or you have instincts that fire and launch… Continue Reading “Onward & Upward”

Rest For The Weary

Ive had words on my heart for some time now, but much like our prayers sometimes, these words have felt more like groans rather than comprehensible thoughts. The blank page is a scary thing for me these days. It was my solace in the… Continue Reading “Rest For The Weary”

The Mind and The Man

“Where the mind goes, the man follows.” That’s a quote I placed neatly into my pocket in college and have carried with me ever since. The mind is a powerful vehicle that drives us from place to place, to the past and ahead to… Continue Reading “The Mind and The Man”

Have Yourself A Merry Little Cancer

It’s the most wonderful time of year! The season of merry and bright, marked by twinkling lights, joyful celebrations of Jesus, gifts neatly wrapped beneath a perfectly trimmed tree, and dinner tables dressed for company. Families get together and share stories of old and… Continue Reading “Have Yourself A Merry Little Cancer”

Big Bad Cancer: My, What Big Blessings You Have

A precious friend of mine and former UAB coworker has a ministry blog titled Ewe R Blessed and graciously asked me to be a guest writer! She asked me to write about all the blessings of cancer, which may sound counter-intuitive to some, but… Continue Reading “Big Bad Cancer: My, What Big Blessings You Have”

ASTROnomical Blessings

September 11, 2017 was my first day of radiation treatment for my surprise cancer diagnosis I had received just two months before during a regular left parotidectomy for a pleomorphic adenoma. The days to follow were the hardest days I’ve ever faced in my… Continue Reading “ASTROnomical Blessings”

2 years Goneda

On July 6, 2019, I celebrated two years of no Glanda and no cancer. Immediately after my surgery two years ago, I was SO SURE that I was healed and that the whole benign-to-malignant-flip-in-the-operating-room situation was a miracle that none other than Jesus had… Continue Reading “2 years Goneda”