Time to Celebrate

confetti celebration

Happy 6 months to meeeee! It’s been 6 months since I went in for surgery to remove a benign salivary gland tumor and received path results just 6 days later that it was cancer they took out.

Since then I’ve endured surgery recovery, 4 billion appointments, and 6 full weeks of daily radiation to my head and neck…alllll to make it to this point. The point where I can look back and be completely overwhelmed by the way that the Lord has healed me, provided for me, and carried me and my K.T. through this journey together. There’s simply no other explanation.

Pre-op, Post-op, radiation, today (1/12/18)

It has truly been the longest and shortest 6 months of my life. And it has admittedly taken me quite a long time to come to terms with why I’ve gone through what I have and to find some sort of peace in the fact that I’m 100% healed from Glanda’s wrath. Because for a while I didn’t believe that I was actually going to be ok.

But the Lord has rescued me again and has gradually impressed on my heart and mind that I was going to be ok and that the bible does, in fact, say over 200 times “do not fear” for good reason.

So, as I sit in the desk chair that has cradled me nearly every. single. day. of this journey, I can’t help but reflect on the weight of God’s sovereignty in it’s entirety.  It is nothing short of a miracle what has happened: the steps that got me here, the people I’ve met along the way, and the way my body responded so well to treatment. Not to mention I get to sit in the department that treated me as an employee and have the opportunity to someday bless other patients with documentation from a patient perspective on what to expect. Thank you, Jesus!

Onward and upward, friends! Time to conquer the world!